Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Quarter schedule

New quarter began yesterday, busy life started again. I chose some dummy courses like microeconomic, english, just to fulfill the general requirement for graduation. It sucks! Hate the rules of this kind of stupid game, you always need a degree or cert like to get your resume sharp, or no one is gonna care you or simply ignore your existence no matter how superb you are. I guess this is the reality so I should not complain any more. All rite, so I scheduled to sharpen my programming skills in php, perl, C++ (just start to learn).... Inspired by the idea of rgod, I felt the strength of php CLR, its rich module supports as well as perl and python are huge enough to get most web application based exploit work perfectly. Besides these, it is mature to pay attention to open source application, find bug and code exploit and patch are considered to be the quick and dirty way to win in the community, (and you certainly have to do things like H D, found awesome project like metasploit...) I see the distances between me and guru, it drive me keep catching and never stop! all rite, pretty much about it.

p.s: thanks brother for reminding to keep up blogging.

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