Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back Track 2.0 Beta released!

Wow...back track new version, hella new stuff been added in, cant wait to give it a try

BackTrack Home
* Updated Kernel-Running 2.6.18-rc5, with several patches.
* Updated Tools-Old versions updated, new tools added.
* BackTrack Network Boot-Boot additional BackTrack images over PXE
* John MPI instant Cluster-Boot BackTrack cracking cluster clients over PXE
* Save2CD-Save changes to CD (assuming CD is multi-session, and a CDR).
* Japanese Input Support-Reading and writing in Hiragana / Katakana / Kanji.
* Unionfs replaced-by aufs with zlib compression.
* Kernel Sources-Included in base image.

Special Features:

* Instant Snort Setup-Sets up snort, mysql, apache, base.
* Instant Ninja (db_autopwn) - Deploys Metasploit db_autopwn on the local subnet.
* Instant Unicornscan pgsqldb Setup-Sets up Apache, Pgsql for scan info.
* Kismet auto configuration-Sets up monitor mode and kismet.conf.
* ipw3945/2200/2100 support-no injection patches.
* Prism54 / MadWifi-ng / Wlan-ng / HostAP / rt2570-With injection patches.
* Quick Installation-Using GUI installer, 100% MySlax compatible.

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