Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Enable Windows Serive II

Little extension of my last post

1)regedit /s
/s execute .reg,
Export that reg on your localmachine and upload to target host
echo .reg content in case you can't upload any to target(In fact,this is one of the reasons you need to modify the registry to enable service like telnet, remote desktop etc)

This is another great command (esp its detail man page - Win2003 only)
e.g: regini.exe -m \\Server_name -b yourhack.txt

Thx h3llfyr3 for reminding me!

A command line version of registry editor, native process of WinXP and Win2003(Win2k Resource Kit),a very powerful tool.
Details can be found atpetri.co.il

Brief examples:
reg query {\\server_name\}HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\TlntSvr

1) WinXP and 2003 only
2) Require to be fairly familiar with registry structure and need to remember its options.
3) Lack of modify key value option (Maybe I don't know)

VBscript/Jscript Default MS scripting engine
Perl if and only if target system has perl (and Win32 package)installed

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