Saturday, October 21, 2006

How to add your site or your favorite side to firefox sidebar search engine

You're a firefox fan? You're a webmaster or web developer? Ever want to add a customized search engine to firefox (top-right) side-bar? Great! Then this tip(not a new technique at all) is for you. Here is the instruction of how:

First you need to create a 16x16 pixels png image (as search engine icon)
Second, make a file.src as the following structure
version="" #version number
name="" #engine name e.g:Google
method="" #Get/Post
action="" #search url, where the html form goes
queryEncoding='' #This field is optional, e.g:ISO-8859-1
queryCharset='' #This field is optional, e.g:ISO-8859-1

< input name="" user>
< /search>

update="" #url to get the lastest src file
updateIcon="" #url to get the lastest src file
updateCheckDays="" #datatype: int

Easy,hum! Of course, before you perform the above steps, make sure you website or your favorite site has a search engine. Finally, put this script into a page(locally or remotely)

function addEngine(name,ext,cat)
if ((typeof window.sidebar == "object") && (typeof window.sidebar.addSearchEngine == "function"))
var url=""; #your url
name,cat );


More info at

In case you get tired of it, simply remove the src and png.
Profile Folder can be found at here

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