Tuesday, October 10, 2006


From Professional Pen Testing For Web Application
HTTP 1.0 specification defined three main verbs, or methods:
GET is used for requesting, or retrieving, some resource from the target web server
POST is used to request that the target web server accept the data enclosed in the request.The acceptance is based in the fact that the processing gets handed off to the resource listed in the request (the URI)
HEAD is used exactly like GET except that the resource data body is not transferred;only metadata is sent back to the client.

HTTP 1.1 specification added the following new HTTP verbs:
PUT is used for requesting that the target web server process the requet in to the resource listed (the URI).
DELETE is used to delete (on the webserver) the resource from the respecive request.
OPTIONS is used to request information about the communications options available in respect to the particular target web server.
TRACE is used to request a remote loopback of the request to the target web server.
CONNECT is used strictly with Proxy servers that can tunnel directly with the taret web server.

I didn't know put,delete trance and other verbs were added in 1.1 specification, Cool!

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